A HUGE thanks to everyone who made Thomas Thallis a success! Stay tuned for what's next with the Orchard! 

     Thanks to Minnesota Public Radio for writing an article about our show! It features interviews with our director, Anna Leverett, and the resident actor playing Tallis himself, Damian Leverett. The article lays out helpful historical context for the show as well as some thought provoking comments from our interviewees. Click the box to the left for the full article! 

A little about us...

   Welcome! The Orchard Theater Collective began creating their vision for a new theater as freshmen at the University of Minnesota / Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program in 2013. As a group of artists with a passion and training for telling tales of long ago, this small merry band found common ground in their desire to bring these stories alive in new and pertinent ways. Since then, they have gained nonprofit sponsorship and have performed at the Open Book, the James J. Hill House, and the Xperimental theater in Minneapolis. Currently, they are rehearsing Thomas Tallis, a new play by Jessica Swale about the famous English composer. 

   The Orchard wants to re-imagine how the stories of the past can apply to a changing world. Along the way, they hope to help build a community that thinks deeper, laughs longer, and experiences new voices telling familiar stories. While that's their hope, they promise to provide a unique, high quality artistic experience to people of all walks of life within and around the Twin Cities.