2017/2018 Season 


A Doll's House 

by Henrik Ibsen

Directed and Adapted by Craig Johnson

     Set in a Norwegian town towards the end of the 19th century, this theatrical phenomenon by Henrik Ibsen follows the fate of Nora Helmer, a married woman with limited opportunities for self fulfillment in a male dominated society.  It explores the relevant themes of identity, femininity, marriage, parenthood, and selfishness. We're thrilled to be presenting this somewhat twisted, yet funny and poignant drama this coming holiday season. 


2016/2017 Season 


Missing: A Song of Songs

Conceived and Created by The Collective(Tori Elker, Anna Leverett, Damian Leverett, Ben Shaw, Mackenzie Shaw)

 Inspired by Song of Songs, an old testament text celebrating passionate, romantic love, this play is The Orchard Theater Collective's premier production, as well as the their first foray into devised work.  Written, directed, and performed in three weeks as part of a senior thesis research endeavor, Missing: A Song of Songs explores the promises that keep people together, the lies that tear them apart, and the hopes that haunt them.