Thomas Tallis on MPR

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"Presented with gentle mastery...Thomas Tallis is an engrossing experience. This young theater company is pairing a very intentional setting with a captivating piece."

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"Thomas Tallis's gorgeous music sung by the choir, and a strong, endearing cast, this is a unique, gorgeous, compelling show. See it, support it, love it."

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"A lovely and haunting production at Calvary Baptist Church...Both the music and the silence are gorgeous in that space, as is the spoken dialogue, unamplified but echoing off the high ceilings."

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"Thomas Tallis may be an imagined telling of his life and the historical times, but the themes and emotions portrayed ring true. The Orchard Theater Collective presents a beautiful story of suffering as well as hope and, of course, the stunning power of music."

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"A beautiful and balanced piece of theater."

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"If you're looking for an anti-holiday show in this busy #TCTheater holiday* month, a little bitter to balance out the sometimes overwhelming sweet of the season, look no further than Ibsen's masterpiece A Doll's House."

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"What a tremendous selection for the Orchard’s first public venture, and a stellar adaptation at that. I can’t wait to see what they do next."

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